Rooftop Unit Application - Hushcore® Plus-E™ System for Performing Arts High School in Sacramento, CA

BRD Noise & Vibration Control was selected for acoustical modeling and implementation to meet the required NC targets of a new construction project using (3) rooftop units for a local performing arts school. In order to achieve this target, BRD provided a recommended specification and manufactured (3) fully assembled perimeter Hush Curbs™ with composite insulation materials for the curb plenum, and Hush Duct™ silencer selections for the supply and return ducts, while keeping unit performance and pressure drop in mind.

Air-Cooled Chiller Application – Hushcore® Standard™ System for Data Center in Phoenix, Arizona

The Data Center owner received complaints from the nearby community having to do with their air cooled chiller overall noise and prominent discrete tones. The Data Center noise was a nuisance for the surrounding community and BRD was tasked with providing an HVAC acoustic design to remedy the problem.

Air-Cooled Chiller Application – Hushcore® Standard-SC System for Hotel Chain in Kingston, Jamaica

If someone were to say, “Kingston, Jamaica,” you would probably see yourself relaxing on the beach and enjoying the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore. That is until two 300-ton air-cooled screw chillers on your resort’s roof start up ruining your paradise. BRD Noise & Vibration Control was contacted by a major equipment OEM office in Miami, FL about conducting a sound study to confirm noise criteria data and identify sources as well as possible solutions.

Rooftop Unit Application – Hushcore® Summit System​ for Commercial Retail Building in Seattle, WA

The building owner had replaced existing “problem” units with new rooftop equipment. After installation, the business received noise complaints from adjoining residential properties.

Rooftop Unit Application - Hushcore Summit System™ for national Retail Chain in White Plains, NY

A popular retail chain located in the heart of a city plaza shopping center was operating (5) rooftop packaged air conditioner units and (2) dedicated air handling units. The city-mandated sound ordinance required no more than 55 dB(A) sound pressure at the property line. In order to achieve this, BRD performed acoustic modeling onsite to determine the total reduction necessary, a 10 dB(A) reduction to guarantee compliance.

Air-Cooled Chiller Application - Hushcore Summit System™ for Neighborhood Church in Louisiana

Nestled in the heart of a suburban neighborhood, a church was dedicated to serving its growing congregation. To support this mission, they installed a 200+ ton screw air-cooled chiller, addressing their escalating operational requirements. While the chiller's strategic placement 100 feet away from the nearest residence adhered to industry standards, it became evident that some neighbors were sensitive to the accompanying noise. Valuing its community standing and eager to preserve a harmonious relationship with its neighbors, the church approached us for a state-of-the-art HVAC vibration and noise control solution