Rooftop Unit Application – Hushcore® Plus-E™ System for Performing Arts High School in Sacramento, CA

curb and duct treatment
noise and vibration system

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Acoustic Performance with Pressure Drop Awareness

BRD Noise & Vibration Control was selected for acoustical modeling and implementation to meet the required NC targets of a new construction project using (3) rooftop units for a local performing arts school.

In order to achieve this target, BRD provided a recommended specification and manufactured (3) fully assembled perimeter Hush Curbs™ with composite insulation materials for the curb plenum, and Hush Duct™ silencer selections for the supply and return ducts, while keeping unit performance and pressure drop in mind.

hushcore hush duct hvac installation

Duct Design & Upfront Planning 

Don’t Wait to Consult & Coordinate

BRD was brought on the project about 90% of the way through design. Because changes couldn’t be made to the duct layout, a workaround was needed to achieve the target noise levels. We provided flexibility to the solution in order to avoid a change order as well as additional cost to the project and others.The result was a multi-silencer approach for both the SA & RA. Constraints in available space required separate duct silencers with special sizes needed to fit and provide the attenuation needed, shown in the below Hushcore® submittal drawing below.

hushcore project analysis

Risk Management

"Let us manage the risk in equipment coordination needed to achieve your design criteria and meet your NC levels."


At BRD, we coordinate with the equipment manufacturers direct to ensure proper integration, and warranty reconciliation.

• System and warranty compliance.
• High communication paired withup-front project support andanalysis.

Plan & Spec. Due Diligence Meets Design Build Service

BRD provided a custom specification that was used by the specifying engineer on the project, manufactured the solution and provided back-end project support to the Customer and installing contractor every step of the way to ensure desired results and peace of mind for all!