Air-Cooled Chiller Application - Hushcore Summit System™ for Neighborhood Church in Louisiana

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Nestled in the heart of a suburban neighborhood, a church was dedicated to serving its growing congregation. To support this mission, they installed a 200+ ton screw air-cooled chiller, addressing their escalating operational requirements.

While the chiller’s strategic placement 100 feet away from the nearest residence adhered to industry standards, it became evident that some neighbors were sensitive to the accompanying noise. Valuing its community standing and eager to preserve a harmonious relationship with its neighbors, the church approached us for a state-of-the-art HVAC vibration and noise control solution

Air Cooled Chiller Solution

Prioritizing the church’s needs and the community’s peace, BRD initiated a collaborative dialogue with the chiller manufacturer. This partnership was crucial, ensuring our acoustic solutions were seamlessly integrated without compromising the chiller’s peak performance. Drawing insights from the chiller’s OEM-provided blueprints, our seasoned engineering team crafted a custom noise mitigation solution to provide peace and quiet to neighboring homes.

The Summit™ System

The centerpiece of our approach was the acclaimed Summit™ System. This system is revered for its comprehensive treatment capabilities for air-cooled chillers.

By zeroing in on noise emanators such as the chiller’s intakes, discharge fans, compressors, and refrigeration circuits, this system uses an effective ensemble of Hush Guard™ panels, Hush Duct™ Silencers, and Hush Cover™ removable acoustic jackets.

Hush Duct™ Silencers & Hush Guard™ Panels

A key challenge was to contain the noise from the church’s chiller. To address this issue, our engineers conceptualized a custom Summit chiller enclosure, harnessing the power of Hush Duct™ silencers and the resilience of Hush Guard™ panels.

We also created tailor-made acoustic panels, intricately designed with form-fitting notches, ensuring a snug fit around the chiller piping. This minimized any chance of noise seepage from the open-end sections. Demonstrating our commitment to timely solutions, BRD executed the installation flawlessly within a short two-day window.

Results with the Air-Cooled Chiller System

In a testament to its proactive approach, the church sought an unbiased evaluation by commissioning third-party acoustic testing post-installation. These findings showed a marked reduction in noise levels, aligning squarely with the predefined objectives. With the undercurrents of unease fading, there was a renewed sense of peace in the neighborhood.

The church resumed its operations, free from acoustical distractions. This project underscored our expertise in addressing community-centric noise and vibration challenges and highlighted the essential role of Hushcore acoustic solutions in maintaining the calm of suburban environments.