BRD was founded in 1975 by Bernard R. “Bud” Deschaine. Bud had the entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and experience to create and grow a company dedicated to meeting customer needs for reliable solutions to challenging problems in the HVAC noise and vibration control field.

Starting as a company representing a portfolio of noise and vibration control brands, BRD evolved to become an acoustic design and manufacturing firm when Kris Kollevoll purchased the company in the 1980s. Soon after, BRD launched its flagship Hushcore® brand. Throughout Kris’s tenure, he proudly continued Bud’s vision, continually releasing new Hushcore system developments designed to solve a spectrum of HVAC noise and vibration challenges.

In 2006, BRD expanded its geographic reach beyond the Philadelphia, PA area, becoming a premier North American acoustic designer and manufacturer offering innovative solutions for HVAC noise and vibration control challenges. When Tim McNair took over BRD operations in 2017, he helped form an executive leadership team dedicated to the continued commitment and focus on problem definition and practical solutions.

Today, BRD offers the broadest range of noise and vibration control products manufactured to exacting specifications. As a result, Hushcore has become an unrivaled and leading brand in the HVAC acoustics industry.


Plan and Spec

Our plan and spec services are inherently different than most in our industry. We provide consultative analysis and design services to support Architects, MEP, Acoustical Consultants, and Design/Build Contractors in specifying cost-effective solutions to keep mechanical equipment quiet. Our consulting work “payment” is permission to be Basis of Design (BOD) for sound/vibration treatments needed to meet project-driven acceptance criteria for building and property line sound levels.

Post-Construction Troubleshooting and Remediation

We also specialize in owner-direct or negotiated projects. Working directly with the building owner or construction team, we troubleshoot and implement effective remediation treatments for post-construction HVAC noise and vibration control challenges.


Our Just Right Acoustics™ commitment promises to deliver prescriptive minimum design solutions according to your objective criteria with performance accountability. We never over- or under-design. Instead, we complete a thorough due diligence process, including modeling, performance specification, and noise control schedules to ensure our solution will meet your expectations. We are an experienced acoustics resource you can depend on for reliable HVAC acoustic design and manufacturing solutions that are just right.


We are committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers by providing quality products, exceptional service, and innovation. By providing the highest value, we ensure our team’s continued success collectively and as individuals.


What is “Drive” In the workplace? At BRD it is defined as Resilience, Initiative, and Accountability. It is those with immense drive who will take on responsibility, overcome obstacles, and make great progress without direction from others. We are determined to achieve goals and produce results – regardless of any obstacles. Ultimately, our “Drive” mission is to meet or exceed deadlines, complete tasks, and set clear expectations to reach success.
Pursuit of Knowledge
Through “Pursuit of Knowledge,” we can build upon the foundation of understanding to create a solid structure. Collectively, we’re able to form the infrastructure of our ideas and put them into action. The “Pursuit of Knowledge” stems from a hunger for learning that envelopes our minds and pushes us to new horizons. By nurturing this core value, an impressive working environment is created.
“Workplace Innovation” is what brings a team to life. This empirical organizational practice sets up our workforce to utilize and enhance their skills, knowledge, experience, and creativity to their maximum potential. As a result, business performance, engagement, and morale improve simultaneously. This breeds a mixture of mental, emotional, and temporal space where BRD team members can comfortably take risks and develop ideas that take our organization to the next level.
Takes Charge
“Taking Charge” is an effort that we encourage to initiate self-improvement and strengthen organizational operations by our employees. We encourage proactive behavior by employees. This includes having the courage to speak up, prevent problems, and innovate personally and professionally. We believe it is important to foster an environment where all our employees feel comfortable and empowered to do so. “Taking-Charge” is a change-oriented behavior that strives to identify and implement changes in work processes, and development. We believe this change-oriented group can be initiated at the individual or collective level.
Team Player
One of the sturdiest and most undefeated themes in business is teamwork. Being a “Team Player” can mean assisting someone in achieving an ambitious goal, or conversely it can mean offering transparency to help pivot an illogical goal. To achieve alignment on any team, it is important to prioritize the most crucial mission with the members’ activities in mind. With this mentality, we believe everyone at BRD has an opportunity to contribute and demonstrate their abilities, resulting in a stronger bond and sense of accomplishment.


Our company is well respected in the industry and our biggest challenge is finding talented professionals to join our team as we grow the company. We have a proven track record of promoting from-with-in.