Water Cooled Chiller Systems Water-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems that use the vapor compression cycle to make cold water that absorbs heat from a building or process and rejects it to the outside air using an evaporative cooling tower. With a broad range of innovative noise and vibration control solutions designed specifically to address the multiple noise sources from water-cooled chillers, we help you achieve measurable peace and quiet. Whether your challenges include compressor noise, structure-borne noise, or radiated noise from refrigerant lines, vessels, and unit casing, let us customize an effective solution in coordination with obstruction and other equipment nearby.
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This is a compressor only treatment using HUSH COVERS for chillers that utilize Scroll Compressors. We require a compressor make and model number or dimensional drawing prior to fabrication.

This is a treatment of the compressor circuits for chillers with Screw Compressors. HUSH COVERS are used for the compressor housing, suction and discharge piping and oil separator vessels.

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Standard Highlights


  • HUSH COVER™ Removable Sound Blankets
  • Scroll compressor only treated
  • 2 to 3 dB(A) typical reduction
  • HC-500S-1 blanket construction
  • “D” ring fastening bands
  • Non-critical applications


  • Source control using HUSH COVER™ Removable Sound Blankets
  • Screw Compressor, discharge pipes, oil and vapor separators treated
  • 4 to 6 dB(A) typical reduction
  • HC-500S-1 blanket construction
  • “D” ring fastening bands
  • Applications for moderate level of noise reduction
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The Premium™ System is a modular HUSH FLEX™ acoustical curtain enclosure consisting of a galvanized steel skeletal framework with sliding perimeter panels suspended from track rails with roller trolleys. Velcro removable roof panels and a track valance complete the full enclosure capable of producing reductions of 10 to 12 dB(A). This option provides the lowest $ per dB(A) performance reduction.

The PremiumPlus™ System is a hybrid design combining the Standard™ System HUSH COVER™ source treatment for the compressor circuits with the Premium™ System HUSH FLEX™ acoustical curtain enclosure. This high performance hybrid system can achieve reductions of 12 to 15 dB(A).

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Premium Highlights


  • Direct path control
  • HUSH FLEX™ acoustical curtain modular enclosure
  • Sliding panel perimeter walls and removable roof
  • 10 to 12 dB(A) typical reduction
  • ABAC-111N curtain construction
  • Velcro panel joining
  • Noise sensitive applications


  • Combination Source and Path Control treatment
  • HUSH FLEX™ enclosure with HUSH COVERS™ for the compressor circuits
  • 12 to 15 dB(A) typical reduction
  • ABAC-111N curtain enclosure with HC500S-1 removable acoustic blankets
  • Provides overall broadband and tonal reductions of the compressor “whine”.
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The Ultimate™ System is a modular HUSH GUARD™ metal panel enclosure consisting of high STC double skin solid/perf. Galvanized steel perimeter and roof panels with strategically located access doors and removable panel sections for operational and service access. Reductions of 18 to 20 dB(A) are typical for this high performance design most commonly used for critically sensitive applications.

Sample Installation Images

Ultimate Highlights

  • Direct Path Control
  • HUSH GUARD™ modular panel enclosure
  • Full enclosure with access doors and removable service panels
  • 15 to 20+ dB(A) typical reduction
  • HGU-400 all galvanized panel construction
  • Optional ventilation system
  • Critical attenuation projects
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