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The Data Center owner received complaints from the nearby community having to do with their air cooled chiller overall noise and prominent discrete tones. The Data Center noise was a nuisance for the surrounding community and BRD was tasked with providing an HVAC acoustic design to remedy the problem.

In addition to the compressor and oil separator, the air cooled chiller circuit and associated piping shown were treated treated as part of the Hushcore(R) Standard(TM System.

Data Center Noise Attenuation

First, BRD Noise And Vibration Control designed a prototype solution of one unit to confirm for all parties that the Hushcore® Standard™ “SCE” solution would meet the target noise criteria and performance numbers. After testing and confirming that it did, production was started to provide this solution for all units. Third party testing onsite by the Acoustical Consultant confirmed that our Hush Covers™ sound control provided an average reduction around the perimeter of the test chiller of 6.8 dB(A), exceeding initial expectations. Results are shown in table, which showcase the before and after octave band readings.

The results have allowed the Data Center to continue their good standing in the community, and by doing so, it assured local authorities that there would be no reason to oppose future expansion plans. The Hushcore® Standard™ SCE System of Hush Cover™ sound blankets have become the standard for several new projects to treat additional (48) 500 ton units. BRD installed new orders for the customer at the OEM Chiller Plant to eliminate the need for the owner to install the materials post startup.

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Hush Cover™ sound blankets

BRD coordinated directly with the OEM and visited the manufacturer's facility to perform installation prior to shipment so the units delivered to the site pre-treated and turnkey ready.

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the final air cooled chiller project