Meet our Regional Sales Managers

Get to know the talented, inventive, and engaging Regional Sales Managers helping to translate your noise and vibration control challenges into viable, performance-backed attenuation solutions. Think of us as your peace and quiet experts.

Patrick Murphy

Regional Sales Manager | Northeast Territory

Patrick brings 20 years of sales experience as our Regional Sales Manager for the Northwest region. His professional background includes selling commercial HVAC equipment in the greater NYC metro market, giving him a unique foundation for accomplishing his goal of elevating the BRD sales and customer experience to the next level. When Patrick isn’t working on advancing his industry knowledge and expertise, he enjoys running, cycling, and spending time at the beaches and ocean. 

Email Patrick or call direct at 610.881.4527.

Kris Gonzales

Regional Sales Manager | Southwest Territory

Before entering the HVAC and construction industry, Kris served six years in the US Army, spending three years in various operations roles including controls, installation technician and project manager. After earning an outside sales role for controls and equipment, Kris found his passion for sales because he loves building and developing relationships with people. Kris sees himself as a problem-solver, using his sound expertise to identify potential problems and advocate for customer needs. Upon joining the BRD team as Sales Manager for the Southwest region, Kris was struck by the genuine team atmosphere and support, and enjoys working together toward a common goal: resolving challenging sound and vibration issues. Kris stays busy in his free time spending time with his wife and three dogs and playing classical and electric guitar. 

Email Kris or call direct at 610.881.4490.

Steffan Kollevoll

Regional Sales Manager| Mid-Atlantic & Northwest Territories

Steffan began his BRD career in 2008 with a part-time role, first as an installer and second as an inside sales associate before earning a full-time position in the Project Management department in 2011. In 2015, he joined the outside sales team as outside Sales Manager for both the Mid-Atlantic and Northwest regions, allowing him to do what he loves most: solving problems and helping customers understand new ways of tackling obstacles. Steffan has been impressed with the caliber of expertise and experience of his fellow team members at each step along his BRD path, as he consistently met and worked with people with exceptionally high levels of industry knowledge. In his current position, Steffan is focused on expanding the BRD sales team to give our customers even more access to knowledgeable and passionate sound and attenuation professionals. In his free time, Steffan enjoys playing golf, hockey, hiking, biking, and other fitness activities. 

Email Steffan or call direct at 610.881.4523.


Regional Sales Manager| Midwest Territory

David (Dave) brings 28 years of applied HVAC system sales experience as Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest Territory. Having previously worked with BRD as a customer, he felt confident in our product offerings and technical knowledge and jumped at the chance to join our team. He loves interacting with potential customers in his current outside sales role and looks forward to solving new challenges every day. In his off time, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and 16- and 19-year-old daughters. In the future, Dave looks forward to leveraging our specialized tools, systems, and technologies to deliver innovative noise and vibration solutions and exceptional service.

Email David or call 610.863.6300.

Clifton 'Clif' Perkins

Regional Sales Manager | Southeast Territory

Clif earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY at Stony Brook and began his career as an engineer for Mason Industries, where he specialized in designing roof isolation curbs and floating floors. In the wake of 9-11, Clif joined Mason East in direct sales for greater New York/New Jersey. He provided vibration control for major mechanical equipment and services on projects like the World Trade Center Towers I and IV, New Jersey Devils, and Red Bull Stadiums. He was also involved with architectural Isolation systems, including floating floors, walls, and ceilings at projects such as Allice Tully Hall in Manhattan and Times Square’s Nokia Theater. Within five years of joining BRD, he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast territory, allowing him to do more of what he loves: assessing a customer’s situation and needs and working with a factory team of experts to deliver an effective and efficient solution. Immediately upon joining our company, Clif realized he was now a part of a talented, versatile, enthusiastic team where everyone projects positivity and passion. Clif’s goals are to continue expanding his knowledge and understanding of acoustics as he continually proves to be a valuable member of our team. In his free time, Clif enjoys family, music, aviation, CAD & 3D printing, and home improvement projects. Email Clifton or call him directly at 610.881.4519.

Dan Burley

Business Development

Dan joined BRD in 2014 as inside Sales Associate, and has spent the past 5-6 years as the Sales Manager for the Northeast region. Today, he serves BRD customers across the country in his New Business Development role, allowing him to solve noise and vibration challenges for existing customer as well as introducing BRD to a larger new customer base. Dan loves the unique nature of his work, which inspires him to excel in his role – no job is ever the same. He routinely collaborates with a network of BRD team members across departments, knowing there’s always an expert on tap for anything our customers need. Setting his sights on the future, Dan looks forward to continuing to educate the industry on the importance of acoustics and noise control solutions as he helps grow BRD’s footprint in the marketplace. In his spare time, Dan is a sports and outdoor enthusiast and enjoys staying active and spending time with his beloved family and dog.
Email Dan or call 610.462.9514.